Thursday, August 14, 2008

where is seattle?

What's the character of this city?

Where is it going?

As we've encountered it's underbelly, I've begun to question what the real underbelly is. Is there character left in this town and how can we bring some color back. Does anyone feel that the clubs shutting down and the lack of affordable housing is turning this place into a microcosm of the rich/poor divide of the States in general? Is it just me or do people feel more alive down in the park than at the microsoft office parties?

NOAH: Do you see potential for this city?

Aaron: It's an obvious yes and no. I hate to abandon a place because I believe your community is what you invest in it, yet I do feel abandoned by this place. When I was served papers that said my rent would be going up $450 dollars in 2 months there was something that was severed. It feels like a city that has become the playground of the eastside. ----that being said, there are things I love about this town. I think we are a town of open-minded art lovers. Music aficionados, nature whores, and peaceniks. i don't want to lose that. That's what makes us us. I see potential for the city, I just don't know if i can take the down time before it rises again.