Sunday, November 9, 2008

AUSTIN - 11/08/08 ~ HOUSE SHOW

erik fossmo ~ the austin viking, a transplant from minnesota of some years. we met at FLIPNOTICS,  a sweet little cave of a coffee bar out on barton spring road, pressed up against the hill. we got to talking, mentioned that we were looking for a place to play that saturday night, and erik said he'd make some calls. 

only hours later, erik had miraculously found a venue (a friend's house) and a four band line-up. 

things just snap together so easily in this town. we have found austonites to be some of the warmest, kindest, most giving folks on the face of the planet. (just earlier that day, CAROLINE, a juice bar barrista, gave us, famished and tired from walking the city, a ride to a local burger place, this after her friend offered us sips of her smoothie. 

we don't even know these folks. 

feels kind of like a community, even though it's a big city. people still look you in the eye and say 'what's up'. 


the show:: took the taxi to the venue ~ (people here, bless their lone-star hearts, don't know how to drive. no turn signals, u-turns into oncoming traffic & bicyclists, signature texas wavering merges). 

we played in someone's living room, people chilling on the couch, on the floor. pushed the mics aside and started playing. different from the last gig, folks here were paying attention. on the last song, we directed the crowd outside, played "lost train" in the streets. 

comparing this house show to one she had thrown in seattle eva nothed that the house show in austin "was about the music, not something else". 

definitely feels like a music town.