Friday, November 14, 2008

New Orleans

Well NOLA, its vibrancy and people, sucked us in for an extra day. As Noah said, "it was like being an addict, with the city as your vice." We decided to stay longer and bomb out to Asheville in one 12 hour day, running on 3 hrs sleep. We packed every moment with street strumming, burlesque shows, beignets, and hanging with Aaron's cousin Julie, her husband Damion and their friend Shae. Some fantastic folks that showed us how to do New Orleans right.........staying up til 6.....meeting a ton of people. ....dancing three nights in a row.....seeing some fanstastic dixie/rag/swing jazz by the Jazz Vipers, with special guest Uncle Lionel by simply stumbling into the right club at the right time. As it was said by someone from New Orleans, "Let's live it up, cause in New Orleans we all know we're gonna die."