Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rusty on the Radio!!!

Give It To Me Rusty performed an hour-long show this month, Monday the 24th, on Hollow Earth Radio, a progressive, community-based internet radio station! Amber, host of the that hour's ST Rainbow series, got right into the grit, asking the tough questions; Rusty delivered.

Was a great show full of live performance and stories from the street. Click here to listen to the show in it's entirety. ((( RUSTY ON THE RADIO )))

On a very important side note, Hollow Earth Radio is relocating from the current attic space in Wallingford to it's new Columbia City Station. This amazing group of people bring NW-Focused music and found sound to the people and they NEED OUR HELP! Please watch this video to learn how you can contribute::: ((( Hollow Earth Radio )))